How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Airtel

Say goodbye to surprise bills and regain control of your mobile spending with these simple steps on how to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel today.

What’s Auto Renewal On Airtel?

How To cancel Auto Renewal On Airtel
Steps On How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Airtel

Airtel auto-renewal is a convenient feature that automatically renews your data bundles, airtime plans, and other subscriptions when they expire.

While it can be helpful to avoid service interruptions, it can also lead to unwanted charges if you’re not careful.

Pros Of Auto Renewal On Airtel?

While canceling auto-renewal can be beneficial, there are also some advantages to keeping it activated on Airtel. Here are a few pros to consider:


  • Never run out of data or airtime: Auto-renewal ensures your service remains active, eliminating the hassle of manually recharging or subscribing before it expires. This is particularly useful if you rely heavily on your mobile connection for work, communication, or entertainment.
  • Minimize interruptions: With auto-renewal, you won’t experience unexpected service disruptions when your data or airtime runs out. This can be crucial for tasks like online meetings, streaming videos, or using location services.
  • Simplified management: Auto-renewal simplifies your mobile plan management. You don’t need to remember to subscribe every time, keeping your phone topped up with data and airtime automatically.

Potential savings:

  • Promotional offers: Airtel sometimes offers exclusive discounts or bonus data with automatic renewals. These can be more cost-effective than manually subscribing at regular rates.
  • Data rollover: Certain Airtel plans with auto-renewal allow unused data from previous bundles to roll over to the next one, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Peace of mind:

  • Avoid late fees: Auto-renewal helps you avoid late fees incurred for delayed recharges, keeping your account in good standing with Airtel.
  • Focus on other things: By setting up auto-renewal, you can free yourself from the mental burden of constantly monitoring your data and airtime balance, allowing you to focus on other things.


  • Auto-renewal can be beneficial if you have consistent usage patterns and choose the right plan to avoid overspending.
  • You can always check and manage your auto-renewal settings through USSD codes, the My Airtel app, or customer service.
  • Consider your individual needs and budget when deciding whether to enable or disable auto-renewal for your Airtel subscriptions.

Cons Of Auto Renewal On Airtel?

While auto-renewal can be convenient, it’s not without its drawbacks. Here are some cons of auto-renewal on Airtel to consider:

Financial drawbacks:

  • Unwanted charges: You might get charged for subscriptions you don’t use regularly, leading to wasted money.
  • Surprise bills: Automatic renewals can lead to unexpected charges, especially if you haven’t monitored your data usage or subscription duration closely.
  • Difficulty in tracking spending: With auto-renewals, it can be harder to keep track of your mobile expenses, making it difficult to budget effectively.

Flexibility and usage drawbacks:

  • Limited control: You might miss out on better deals or alternative plans with more flexibility if you’re locked into auto-renewal.
  • Data overage charges: Auto-renewed data plans can lead to unintentional overage charges if you’re not careful about your usage.
  • Underutilization: If your data needs fluctuate, auto-renewal might lead to you paying for data you don’t use, making it inefficient.

How To Make Out The Most Of Auto Renewal On Airtel?

While auto-renewal can be convenient, it’s crucial to utilize it strategically to maximize its benefits and avoid drawbacks. Here’s how to make the most of auto-renewal on Airtel:

1. Identify suitable subscriptions:

  • Data: Analyze your typical data usage and choose a plan with auto-renewal that aligns with your average needs. Consider options like weekend bundles or night data packs if your usage is concentrated during those times.
  • Airtime: If you frequently top-up with small amounts, consider auto-renewal for fixed values to avoid running out unexpectedly.
  • Entertainment: Explore auto-renewal for streaming services or music subscriptions you consistently use.

2. Set spending limits:

  • My Airtel App: Utilize the app’s spending control features to set budget caps for auto-renewals. This prevents overspending and ensures your subscriptions stay within your budget.
  • Call customer care: Discuss options for limit settings or automatic top-ups when your balance dips below a certain threshold.

3. Leverage bonuses and offers:

  • Promotional auto-renewal: Airtel frequently offers bonus data, airtime, or discounts on subscriptions with auto-renewal activated. Look out for such promotions and leverage them to get the most out of your renewals.
  • Loyalty programs: Airtel rewards programs like SmartConnect offer additional benefits like bonus data or priority customer service for auto-renewal users.

4. Stay informed and flexible:

  • Track usage: Regularly monitor your data and airtime consumption through the My Airtel App or USSD codes like *123#. This helps you adjust your auto-renewal plans if your usage patterns change.
  • Cancel when needed: Don’t hesitate to cancel auto-renewal for subscriptions you no longer use. Airtel offers convenient cancellation methods through USSD codes, the app, and customer care.

5. Combine with manual top-ups:

  • Emergency top-ups: Keep a small emergency top-up option active alongside auto-renewal to cover unexpected situations or exceed your usual usage in a specific month.
  • Data gifting: Utilize manual top-ups to gift data to friends or family who might need it, making the most of your airtime balance.

By following these tips, you can transform auto-renewal from a passive convenience into a powerful tool for managing your mobile expenses and maximizing your Airtel subscription benefits.

Remember, the key lies in choosing relevant subscriptions, setting limits, and staying informed to ensure auto-renewal works for you, not against you.

How To Check If You Have auto-renewal On Activated:

  1. *Dial 362#: This USSD code will show you a list of all your active subscriptions and their auto-renewal status.
  2. My Airtel App: Log in to the My Airtel App and navigate to the “My Subscriptions” section. You’ll see a list of all your active subscriptions and their auto-renewal status.

Making use of Ussd Code and My Airtel App can also be used for other uses just like we reviewed on how to check Airtel number easily.

How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Airtel?

How To cancel Auto Renewal On Airtel
Steps On How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Airtel

The good news is that canceling auto-renewal on Airtel is easy! Here are a few methods you can choose from that is similar with how to cancel auto renewal on Glo:

1. USSD Codes:

For all subscriptions: Dial *362#, select 2 (Opt Out), and follow the prompts. This is the most comprehensive method to disable auto-renewal for all your active Airtel subscriptions.

For specific bundles: Different USSD codes apply to different bundle types. Here are a few examples:

  • Daily/Weekly bundles: Text “STOP” to 141.
  • Android Bundles: Dial 438100#.
  • Mega bundles: Dial 408100#.
  • BB Bundle: Text “STOP AUTO RENEW” to 440.

2. My Airtel App:

  • Log in to the My Airtel App and navigate to the “My Subscriptions” section.
  • Select the subscription you want to disable auto-renewal for and tap “Deactivate Auto-Renewal.”

3. Customer Care:

You can also call Airtel customer care at 300 and request them to deactivate auto-renewal for you.

By following these simple steps, you can easily cancel auto-renewal on Airtel and take control of your mobile spending.

So go ahead, free yourself from unwanted charges and enjoy the flexibility of choosing when to renew your subscriptions.

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