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Ecobank Mobile App Download For Android, iOS, BlackBerry


With Ecobank Mobile app, you can enjoy banking services from the comfort of your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

This app makes it easy for you to manage your account and conduct financial transactions in a simple and secure manner.

Benefits of Using Ecobank Mobile app

SEND money to anyone, instantly, in and across 33 African countries

Pay – Visa or Masterpass

Scan codes instore – no need to carry cash

PAY bills, top up airtime, buy airline tickets and more on your mobile

Perfect for utilities, DSTV, school fees and more

GO XPRESS and open an account instantly on your mobile

Super convenient, no account fees or paperwork

LINK your Visa or MasterCard from any bank

Secure and reliable – our app is for everyone

Download Ecobank Mobile Banking App

Below is a correct link to download Ecobank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

  • Ecobank Mobile Banking app for Android | Download Link
  • Ecobank Mobile Banking App for iOS, ipad| Download Link
  • BlackBerry OS: The app is currently unavailable on Blackberry World
  • Windows: The app is currently unavailable on Microsoft store

How To Stepup/Activate Eco Bank Mobile App 

After downloading the app, install the Ecobank Mobile app

After installation, skip the first advert page

On the next page, select country, language and input the number associated with your Eco bank account and accept terms and tap on the Activate button below

The next page on how you would like to activate, tap and select “Using my debit card detail”

On the box that will pop up, input your ATM card number (the 16 digits number on the front side of the card) and also insert the card PIN in the space provided and accept and submit

At this point, the app will validate your details and a One Time PIN (OTP) will be generated and forwarded to your phone number. Note that the OTP last for 5 minutes.

Input the OTP received on your mobile number in the space provided.

Next is page to create a 6 Digit login PIN, then re-enter the PIN and confirm it

Finally, after PIN confirmation, your profile will be loaded in the app

Congratulation, You have just set up an Eco bank mobile app that you can henceforth launch on your device, log in with your number and PIN at any time and carry out your stress-free banking transactions.

NOTE: OTP is a One Time PIN or unique PIN sent for every online transaction. The OTP is a sent via SMS to customers who have registered their details/preferences with Ecobank. An OTP is needed to complete a transaction every time.

 How To Withdraw Money without An ATM Card Using Ecobank Mobile App/ XpressCash

Download the Ecobank Mobile Banking App if you have not already done so.

Register for the service if You have not registered before

Log in to your account using your registered details.

Select Xpresscash in the list of services available.

You will be asked to choose between “Xpress Cash Agent” and “ATM”, choose ATM.

Enter your account you wish to make the withdrawal from.

An eight-digit electronic token will be generated.

Take this token to any Ecobank ATM to make your withdrawal.

At the ATM, select the Xpresscash option and you will be asked to supply the 8-

digit E-token.

Enter the token, and then enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.

Take your cash!

NOTE: This Token Is Only Valid For Three Days And Expires Thereafter.


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