Home Entertainment Fan Threatens Kiddwaya For “Embarrassing” Erica In His Recent Interview

Fan Threatens Kiddwaya For “Embarrassing” Erica In His Recent Interview

Fan Threatens Kiddwaya For “Embarrassing” Erica In His Recent Interview

An angry fan of Erica has attacked BBNaija star, Kiddwaya over a comment he made in a recent interview.

It was gathered that the billionaire son had a chat with Tofarati Ige, a correspondent of the daily PUNCH newspaper during which he discussed his childhood, career, family and love life.

During the interview, Kiddwaya revealed that he has no love life and isn’t dating any girl at the moment.

The reality star when asked if he’s a playboy said;

“No, I am not. People think I am a playboy because I am gentle, nice and look good. I am just nice to women and I know how to treat them. The fact that I have a lot of women around me does not mean I am a playboy.

If I want to get married today, I would do that. And, if I want to date a girl, I would also do that. If I want to get married, I would be committed to a long-term marriage. I don’t think I have a love life. I think I have a life and I am trying to find love.”

Are you saying you are single?, the inquisitive journalist asked further but got a disappointing reply that reads, “You would have to wait and find out. The year is just starting.”

When asked to describe his relationship with Erica Nlewedim and how he felt about her disqualification from BBNaija, Kiddwaya said;

“I don’t want to talk about her disqualification. She should be the one to talk about that. Besides, she is trying to move on from that. She does not want to be reminded about it every time.

However, our relationship is cool.”

Reacting to his outburst, a fan of Erica warned Kiddwaya to stop embarrassing her with particular reference to his recent interview.

According to the fan, failure to desist from embarrassing the star girl would have him, his family and his late grandma dragged.

Worried by this, Kidd took to his official Twitter and handle and tweeted, “So this is what it has come to now? Ok cool”, with a screenshot of the threat message attached.

Fan Threatens Kiddwaya For “Embarrassing” Erica In His Recent Interview1


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