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My Husband Is My ‘God’, He Did Me A Huge Favour Marrying Me – Angela Nwosu

My Husband Is My ‘God’, He Did Me A Huge Favour Marrying Me - Angela Nwosu

Love therapist, Angela Nwosu has in an Instagram post referred to her husband as her “God” who “made” her.

According to her, she used the capital “G” when referring to him as her “God” despite corrections from people because he saved her.

Angela Nwosu noted that her husband did her a huge favour by marrying her, adding that without him, her life would have been entirely useless.

In her word;

“My husband made me. My husband transformed my life. My husband saved me. My husband gave my life a meaning. My husband did me a huge favor by marrying me.

The universe knew I would be nothing without Nnaemeka Soundmind Austin My life would’ve been entirely useless, by now. I am the girl that proudly married a God.

I was told not to use capital G to describe my God of a husband, but then, nobody knows why I call him God, so nobody has the right to tell me to stop. We all have our Gods, in different forms, I have mine, you have yours.

I keep thanking the universe and all the positive forces of nature that be, for blessing me with a God on earth. The God that I can not live without. The God that I would gladly give my life for, with a huge smile on my face.

I love you so much, Sound m. May the universe continue to protect what we have and keep you safe for me. It will forever be well with you, odogwu m.”


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