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FBI Reveals How They Tracked Hushpuppi Through His Google Account

FBI Reveals How They Tracked Hushpuppi Through His Google Account

It was gathered that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to tracked Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi, using his Google account.

Recall that Hushpuppi and his associates were arrested in Dubai in June.

He was later taking to court after being extradited to the US following a series of criminal activities allegedly traced to him.

According to a document signed by Andrew Innocenti, a special agent of the FBI, three people, Abbas, co-conspirator 1 and co-conspirator 2 were accused of participating in fraudulent schemes involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

An analysis of the iPhone and online account belonging to Hushpuppi showed that messages were exchanged with him, requesting accounts into which funds realized from the money laundering schemes could be sent to.

The Documents Reads;

“Based on records from Instagram received in June 2020, the Instagram account was subscribed with the name “RAY,” the email address, rayhushpuppi@gmail.com, and the verified phone number +971502818689 (“Phone Number 2”),”

“The Instagram account was created on October 10, 2012, and recent account history from 2020 showed logins from Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses located in the U.A.E.2 (ABBAS lives in the U.A.E., based on information from his email and social media accounts, financial records, and internet research).

“Based on subscriber records from Snap Inc., the Snapchat account “Hushpuppi5” used the phone number +971565505984 (“Phone Number 3”) and the email address rayhushpuppi@gmail.com (i.e., the same email as the Instagram account).

“The Snapchat account used the display name “The Billionaire Gucci Master!!!,” which was the same Snapchat contact name saved in Coconspirator 1’s phone for the Snapchat account “Hushpuppi5.”

Also, the document gave details of records from Apple Inc., as well as his Gmail account, which showed invoices, tenancy contract, flight itinerary, Dubai visa, a Nigerian passport, among other documents all directly linked to Abbas.

“On February 12, 2019, Co-conspirator 1 told ABBAS: “Wire is completed… We did it [500k euros]… Should be on ur side by now.”

In the conversation that followed, Co-conspirator 1 reportedly told Abbas that there was only one wire to the account in Romania. “Sender name : tipico group limited. Country : [Foreign Financial Institution Country] Amount : 500k euro…

“It’s there now my other crew confirmed it’s there as well.”

Later, while trying to figure out whether the wire had been successful, co-conspirator 1 was said to have added: “They did me 3 wires (2 to euro 1 to USA)… Bank it came from is :[Foreign Financial Institution].

The document added that the sender wrote: “Brother, we still have access and they didn’t realize, we gonna shoot again tomoro am.”


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