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“A Woman Is Not A Slave But A Helper, Treat Her Like A Queen” – Man To Fellow Men (Photos)

man cooking in the kitchen

A Nigerian man identified as McBoki DComedian on Facebook has shared a piece of advice for Nigerian men on how to treat their women right.

According to him, women are not slaves but helpers and thus shouldn’t be allowed to overwork themselves.

The man noted that sometimes men have to ask their girlfriend or wife to take the back seat while they help out with some chores.

Sharing photos of himself helping his partner to prepare a delicious Egusi soup., McBoki wrote;

 “Guys a woman is not a slave, but a helper, partner and teammate. Sometimes, allow her take the back seat , help do the chores, treat her to some good cooking and see if she won’t be submissive. Treat her like a queen.”

man cooking in the kitchen


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