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FESCO Gas Station Blows Up In Mandeville [Videos]

FESCO Gas Station Blows Up In Mandeville [Videos]

Yesterday evening, there was a fire outbreak at Heaven’s FESCO petrol station in Mandeville, Manchester.

According to reports, Four persons have been hospitalized with third-degree burns and three others are now nursing minor injuries, while 12 vehicles were destroyed after fire gutted the filling station.

The fire caused chaos among customers and commuters as they run for their lives.

As several explosions were heard, screaming and high-voltage noise pierced the air, sending even people occupying nearby buildings into panic.

They cause of the fire is yet unknown

Superintendent of Police Gary Francis said that the fire was brought under control by three units from the Manchester Fire Department.

“Myself and 20 other officers are actually managing this situation,” said Francis.

Videos sent to our news centre last night captured when the incident happened.

Trevor Barnes, chief executive officer of FESCO, told The Gleaner last night that he received a call some time after 5 p.m. that the station was on fire.

“We are trying to find out what happened. But it is very unfortunate. We are getting different reports, but first and foremost is trying to make sure everybody is okay. I really don’t know what happen or what caused the fire right now,” Barnes said, mentioning that directors and senior managers of the company were on their way to Mandeville to assess the damage and to give support to those affected.

“As a company, we are resilient and we will do what’s necessary to come back, but right now, it’s just really to just ensure that everybody is okay,” he added.

Barnes said that several businesses, including a cambio, a money-transfer facility, and a tyre workshop, are in the immediate vicinity of where the blaze took place.

An eyewitness, Jessica Mullings, who was parked opposite the gas station, said;

“I was so scared! People were screaming. You could hear vehicles on fire over there and a lot of popping sounds. But what was frightening was that people were actually moving towards the gas station and not away.

“I actually left my vehicle and went over to where Scotiabank is because I don’t know what can happen, and if all that gas below somehow gets ignited, God know what could happen,” Mullings recounted.

Another eyewitness said;

“I was in my store when I heard the explosion and I ran out. I saw the first pump explode, and then the second, and then the third. In no time, the whole gas station was under fire … ,” said a nearby business owner who gave his name as Danny.

“I am just glad that the fire never escape to all the other places nearby , but I feel it for all those persons who were there getting gas … .”

Watch videos;


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