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“I Am Not For Sale, Neither Are You” – Adesua Etomi Advices Young Girls [A MUST READ]

“I Am Not For Sale, Neither Are You” – Adesua Etomi Advices Young Girls [A MUST READ]

Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi has in an Instagram post titled “Not For Sale”, shared a touching message she addressed to young Nigerian girls.

In the video, she spoke of the hardship in Nigeria and how young girls in their quest to find a better life fall into the trap of human traffickers.

According to her, young girls were better off living here in Nigeria than living in degrading and dehumanizing conditions they end up finding themselves.

She added that young girls with dreams, talents, and drive can still make it in Nigeria.

Going further, the actress noted that there are several female entrepreneurs who started from scratch and are making it in Nigeria today because they worked hard and believed in themselves.

The worst thing that can happen is being shipped off to a country you know nothing about and being found in a situation where you are helpless.

Most people often think that it’s better to travel abroad. But it’s better to be here in Nigeria round family and friends that love you.

In conclusion, Adesua noted that it’s possible to make it here in Nigeria, adding that though she lived outside the country for a while, her dream actually came through in Nigeria.

She captioned the video;

“Not For Sale

Here again to remind you that your value is inestimable. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about you, what you say about yourself is the most important thing. You can accomplish so much if only you would believe in yourself. You are loved, you are smart, you are a conqueror and you are beautiful. You are not for sale. You will not compromise and you will not give up on your dreams.

There are also organizations that train women and create opportunities for women. Pls Visit notforsale.ng for more information.

My name is Adesua Etomi-Wellington and I am not for sale

…..and neither are you!”

Watch below;


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