Home Entertainment Mofe Duncan Shows Off His New Girlfriend After Divorce, Ex-Wife Reacts

Mofe Duncan Shows Off His New Girlfriend After Divorce, Ex-Wife Reacts

Mofe Duncan shows off his new girlfriend after divorce, ex-wife reacts

Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan has shown off his new girlfriend, almost a year after he confirmed his divorce from his ex-wife, Jessica Kakkad.

Taking to his Instagram page, the actor penned down a romantic message to his girlfriend as he wishes her a happy Valentine’s day.

Mofe disclosed that he was initially afraid to love again because he’s been there before, but has now accepted and is no longer afraid.

He wrote;

“I was afraid. I’ve been here before. It hurt. I tried to heal it. It hurt the more. Then I gave up. The world laughed. I cried. God listened. God willed it. The Universe provided. I accepted. You approved. I’m not afraid. Not anymore. J.A.G. HER. #HappyValentinesDay”

Reacting to his post,  Mofe’s ex-wife, Jessica  left a comment on the loved-up photo her ex-husband shared.

“She’s beautiful, Happy Valentines Day Guys” She wrote.

See below;

Mofe Duncan Shows Off His New Girlfriend After Divorce, Ex-Wife Reacts Mofe Duncan Shows Off His New Girlfriend After Divorce, Ex-Wife Reacts

Addressing speculation of infidelity and abandoning his ex-wife with 2 kids in England, Mofe wrote;

“☆ Dear insta-goingtohell-9ja, your entire management needs overhauling, your facts are off 90% of the time, just an observation from a concerned citizen of Nigeria. Secondly, I know you guys love my name because y’all are literally in my ass digging shit out constantly, I really don’t mind, but I feel the need to address your recent post about me and it would be the final light of day I give your establishment. Going forward, I would not address or debunk anything you put up, so enjoy and feel free.
So as a final statement to you and your kind,

• I have been single for the exact amount of time I have blocked your account, 2 years. Not 1 as your recent post suggests. Jess and I split 2018, apply your mathematics. This message is mostly for your staff who then further use dud accounts to troll. Luckily for me I dont see it. Also it’s for my thousands of fans who stand up and defend me against these trolls, thank you but I really dont see comments on most blogs, not just insta-goingtohell-9ja. I have eyes only for positive news, arsenal news, humor and my work. ☆

☆ Dear #TeamJess , thank you for your support over the years, and I understand your grievance with the idea of her marriage ending but it has been 2 years, allow it. We have remained civil through the entire ordeal and there is no bad blood between us. So please, stop crying more than the bereaved, stop opening old wounds, stop making suggestions, stop accusing me, stop asking questions, stop trying to be a dog in a manger, stop sending me old pics of us, stop worrying about Jess, instead pray for her and pray for me (if you want). I repeat, there is no bad blood, and all the speculation of infidelity and abandoning her with 2 kids in England and Jess being my 4th ex-wife are all badly written scripts and fake news by insta-goingtohell-9ja and their associates. We are actually friends and my friends are still hers and hers are still mine. It’s all good hoenstly. I have always been an advocate for peace and harmony. ☆

☆ Dear Social Media Trolls, I have nothing to say to you. My life is golden, so I understand the discomfort my shine brings to your eyes. ☆”


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