Home Metro Nigerian Actress Arrested For Stealing Identities Of 20 Women In Canada

Nigerian Actress Arrested For Stealing Identities Of 20 Women In Canada

Nigerian Actress Arrested For Stealing Identities Of 20 Women In Canada

Deborah Oguntoyinbo, a Nollywood actress has been arrested for stealing the identities of 20 women which she used to commit a large scale fraud in Canada.

According to reports, the 26-year-old actress is facing more than 50 fraud-related charges in Toronto as well as nearby York, Peel, and Halton regions.

She was arrested after she tried fleeing a luxury condominium complex in Markham (north of Toronto) she tried renting with money she made through fraudulent means.

The suspect tried renting the condo with the name Natalia Bozic.

The real Natalia Bozic who is a self-employed esthetician from Mississauga confirmed that someone destroyed her life by using her personal information to get into her bank account, apply for loans and credit cards, change all her passwords.

She also disclosed that $4,000 was stolen from her account.

In her word;

“It was June 10, and it told me to call the phone number listed. So I called them, and they told me to come to the bank.

“They investigated and put my account on freeze. They told me nobody can put money in and nobody can take money out.

“Someone reset passwords, reset security questions, reset my phone to a new phone number, created a new email address so I don’t get notified my password changed.”

Meanwhile, Police services across the Toronto area are still piecing together the extent of Oguntoyinbo’s crimes.

“She definitely would be considered a professional fraudster, knows what she’s doing and [is] quite prolific,” York Regional Police Sgt. Andy Pattenden told CBC News. “She’s really been all over the [Greater Toronto Area].”

Forged drivers’ licences, social insurance numbers and passports in the names of other people were seized from the actress who also used stolen cheques to buy a Mercedes Benz and a BMW.

Reports also have it the police in at least four Toronto-area jurisdictions have filed identity theft-related charges against Oguntoyinbo.

Court records revealed that Oguntoyinbo is accused of stealing the identities of two people in Peel.

She was also accused of stealing the identities of 11 people, while York Police alleged she stole four identities.

The suspect is currently behind bars as the latest round of charges work their way through court systems in the four jurisdictions.


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