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Man Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself While Trying To Shoot A Target


An unidentified man in his 20s has reportedly died in London after accidentally shooting himself while trying to shoot someone down.

According to report, Officers were called to Sydenham Road in Lewisham at 3.45pm on Sunday, to reports of suspicious activity in the area. Shots were then heard before a man was found with gunshot wounds.

The man died at the scene just five minutes later.

Speaking about the sad event, a 56 years old woman living in nearby Venner Road stated that she saw the man attempting to shoot someone else before being hit by the bullet himself.

She said:

“He ended up shooting himself. The bullet bounced off a car window. You can see on the car window where the bullet bounced off it.

“After it happened, the boy he [tried] to shoot stood there filming him.”

“He’s been there for three hours covered by a sheet. No mum, no dad. It’s really sad.”

Also, a shopkeeper in the nearby high street  said he had heard reports the man shot himself.

He said:

“A group of guys were sitting in a car by the bank and a big guy came up to them with a shotgun.”

“They all got out of the car and ran so the guy decided to damage the car with the back of the gun. As he was hitting the windows the gun went off and he shot himself – that’s what we’ve been told.”

Another man said: “We’ve heard three or four different stories – we’ve heard it was a guy on a moped, someone in a car and then that the [victim] did it to himself.”

Meanwhile, the Police say there have been no arrests at this stage and investigations are continuing to take place.



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