Home Lifestyle “My Fiancee Sleeps Around For Money” – Man cries out

“My Fiancee Sleeps Around For Money” – Man cries out


An unidentified man has sought advice from relationship expert, Cynthia Valerian Raphaels after finding out that the woman he plans to marry by December sleeps around for money.

Read his post below:

Good morning madam,how are you and your family? Something has been bordering me since 2days now,I just found out someone I planning to wed by December sleeps around with her best friend for money.

She’s currently doing her 1year IT I’ve helped her find a job she said she can’t do marketing rather she’s insisting I open up a fashion shop for her. I found out that whenever she visits her best friend it’s usually for sleeping with men for money and it’s not as if I don’t spend on her or give her enough money. she’s currently in Lagos with her best friend on the same mission as I’m writing this.

I’m sober and it got me wondering what love is all about, the worst of it all is that someone I knew requested to have both my woman and her best friend both at the same time.Please how best do I tackle this issue?



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