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Sterling Bank Customer Care Phone Number, Email Address And Live Chat

People ask questions like, Is there a way I can contact Sterling Bank Customer care without Visiting the bank anytime I face certain challenges with my account? Well, the answer is yes.

You can Contact Sterling Bank customer care whenever you have any complaints and inquiries to make by following the following process;

To Contact Their Customer Care via Phone Number

(+234) 0700STERLING



To contact Customer Care via Live Chat

Visit https://sterling.ng/personal/ and click on their live chat

To  contact Customer Care via Email


To contact Customer Care Via Facebook


 To Contact Customer Care via Twitter


Contact Customer Care via Instagram

Click HERE


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  1. I bought a #1000 glo airtime from my account to my glo line ‭0905 268 1653‬ from my account 0023760658 but it didn’t go through and yet I was debited

  2. My money is missing in my account and I’ve went to your bank Notting as being done about it #9,000 my first complain second is to day the total money in my account is #215,000.+ and I use ATM the total money I collect from the ATM #14,000 and I did some transfer of #49,500 and #7,000 out of #215,000 my balance should be this amount #158,500 this is what I got on my balance #119,168.45 something need to be Don quick before I go to my lawyer

    • Visit Sterling bank again and be tough on them. They will do something about it but if you act cool, they might not refund it. If they refuse to do something about it then involve your lawyer. Note: We are not the bank, we only write articles about banks.
      Thank You.

  3. Hi please how come I wanted to check my account balance and I was told no account is associated to the number for my bank details.

    • To check your Sterling bank balance via USSD banking, simply dial *833*6*Account Number# and follow the on-screen command to see your balance.

      Note: You must use the phone number you used in opening your bank account to check your balance and others.

      If it not working then you have to contact the customer care using the number listed in this article

  4. Good morning I monsuru mukaila I use my ATM on pos machine at phodasis adeoyo ibadan but the money was deducted in my account the money is also 3000k my account number is 0061647984. Please kindly reverse my money to account. Thanks

  5. Please ooo atm does not dispense cash to me and I was debited from the bank today making it 6 days i went to the bank too make a complaint but till now nothing happened something must be done

    • My dear, u have to go there again. Make sure you don’t take it easy on them. If you are too calm they won’t refund it… They fear strong-headed people. Thank you. Note: We are not the bank, we only write articles about them.

  6. Hello good morning sir, I lost my SMS line please i want to change it so that I will able to receive messages on my sterlingbank act,, this is the one I lost 08124825885, please change with this one 08147389972 thanks

    • Hi Mr Chinedu… You have to go to the bank and change the phone number. They will request you fill a form and sign your signature. After that, they will block the former phone number and add the new one. It doesn’t take much time. And pls, For the safety of your bank account, don’t send information about your details via the Internet. Thank You.

  7. I lost my atm card and I want to do sterling onepay on my account and have already lost my card and I need the front number of my atm card to activate my sterling bank onepay back

  8. Avatar Okoro (Ogu) Iheanyi Oliverwhile my BVN has only - Oliver Iheanyi Okoro, sometimes abreviated 'O.I.Okoro'

    Comment: Severally,I hv not bn allowed to withdraw frm my a/c:no: ************; only to notice (restriction) on my acct. Kindly restore my a/c.wth bal. of over #12,000.

    • Dear Okoro, We are not the bank. We only post an article about the bank. Please try and visit your bank or contact your customer care using the numbers or email address mentioned in this article.please for the safety of your bank account, Don’t share your BVN or any private information about your account on social media or on a website. Fraudsters might see it. They can even steAl your money using it. In case if you didn’t see your full comment, know that I deleted some part of it to save your account from fraudsters.

      Note: If you still don’t understand how to contact your bank, call the customer care with this number;
      (070078375464), 01-4484481-5

      Like I said before, it better to visit your bank. Thank you.


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