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Ecobank online – Perform Banking Transaction Using This Internet banking Service


Ecobank Online is an upgraded version of Internet Banking with new and enhanced features – through the Bank’s secure website.

With this Eco Online, you can;

Transfer Funds to Ecobank (All our 33 Operating Countries)

Transfer Funds to other Banks (local and international)

Remittance (Rapid Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, VIGO.)

Pay Bills (School Fees, Utilities, Cable Tv .etc )

Request Cheque Book and Stop Cheque

Request Debit Card and Block Card

Other extra Benefits you get from using it are;

Initiate standing order.

Self-Registration with a debit card or account number

Ability to use one profile to access other accounts within Ecobank Network

Booking of Term Deposit

Pre-liquidation of term loan

Multiple Transfer Functionality (one debit and multiple credits)

Accessible both from the web and mobile thus responsive and intuitive g. Card Services

Multi-currency Access


A computer or any mobile device with an internet connection

How To apply/Register for Ecobank Online

You can self on board at https://www.ecobank.com/ng/personal-banking

Click on the register column.

The online registration is primarily for account holders. It requires using your debit card or using your current or savings account number.

You will receive a confirmation immediately after registration.

You should log in immediately using your Username and Password

NOTE: As long as you have an Internet connection and user credentials, you can use your Ecobank online anywhere. Also, Ecobank uses Secure Access, an online security initiative designed to make your online banking even safer and give you peace of mind.

How You Can protect your Internet banking Account:
  • Only use your debit/credit card on websites you trust
  • Monitor your Ecobank accounts using Online Banking
  • Create a unique password for your Online Banking account that you don’t use for any other web account
  • Update your anti-virus and anti-spyware software frequently
  • Keep your computer’s operating system up-to-date, and accept update prompts
  • Do not open or respond to emails from senders you don’t know

To report any type of fraud concerning your Ecobank accounts, talk to them in the branch, or forward a suspecting email here.


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