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Quickteller: Send, Receive Money…Be Your Own Boss By Becoming An Agent


QuickTeller is the brand name for InterSwitch value-added services platform. It is a robust consumer services platform for convenient Airtime Recharge, Funds Transfer, Bill Payments, Events/ Movie Tickets & Donations.

It was developed to enable users (individuals and organizations) enjoy a convenient and easy life.

Quickteller services are flexible and available to everyone across every socio-economic class.

Payments can be made from various channels (ATMs, Web, POSes now) with the use of debit or prepaid cards issued by any member bank on the InterSwitch network.

With Quickteller, you can become a business person and make huge money [Keep on reading to see how]

The Following Are What Quick Teller Offers

Quickteller offers you an extensive range of services. There are over 2000 billers on Quickteller and these services include funding of Betting wallets, Cable TV, Tolls, airtime and data purchases, Airlines, Utilities e.t.c

You can transfer money to friends, family, and others via Quickteller.

Other Value-Added Services available on Quickteller includes Western Union to receive money, recurring payment, transaction dashboard, eCash funding and payments

Tool Needed To Make Transactions On Quickteller.

A Computer or Mobile Phone

A Modem / have a data on your mobile phone

Your ATM Debit Card (Either, Master, Visa or Verve Card).


How to Register for Quickteller

To register, click HERE and follow the instruction.  After that Click HERE to go to quickteller Dashboard so that you can carry out your transaction

With the dashboard, you can check the balance of your ecash in one view, view saved payments and the number of transactions per payment types. You can view the transaction history for the month.

How To Transfer Money On Quickteller

  • Go to Quckteller.com
  • Enter your Username and Password to login
  • Click on the Send and Receive Moneytile
  • Select Destination Bank(Which means the bank you want to transfer the money into)
  • Enter the Account Number
  • Select the Account Type(Whether it is Saving or Current)
  • Enter the Beneficiary Name(The name is receiver)
  • Enter the Amountyou want to Transfer
  • Enter the Beneficiary Email
  • Enter the Beneficiary Phone Number
  • Click on Continue
  • Confirm Payment
  • Scroll Down and Click on the agreement box


How to Download Quickteller App

Android APK: Click here to Download Quickteller app on Google Play Store

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod): Click here to Download Quickteller app on Apple Store.

Registering for a safetoken/ OTP

 Safetoken/OTP is a One-Time Password and is used to authenticate a card-not-present transaction (Verve card or MasterCard).

All you need to do is register with the nearest Quickteller Enabled ATM by following these easy steps:

  1. Visit And ATM machine
  2. Input your ATM card and select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
  3. Select ‘Pay Bills’from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
  4. Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
  5. Enter ‘322222”as the Biller Code
  6. Enter your Phone Numberas the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed
  7. You will get a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due:N1
  8. DO NOTedit the amount to be paid
  9. Click on “Pay amount due
  10. You will then get a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful

For more information please visit, https://connect.interswitchng.com/3-ways-to-get-safetoken-otp/ or https://connect.interswitchng.com/safetoken-otp-transaction-limits-for-your-protection/

Quickteller Transfer Limit.

The maximum amount of money that can be transferred using Quickteller App is N1,000,000 (One Million Naira Only) per day.

However, limits set by your bank override this if the limit set by the bank is lower.

 How To Pay Bills via Quickteller

Go to the dashboard

Click on the Pay Bills menu

Search for the biller or go to the billers category and select the biller

Insert the customer ID

Insert Card Details, i.e. Card number, Expiry Date, CVV, PIN, Safetoken/OTP, or Verve eCash PIN if you are using eCash

How to Buy Airtime

 Click on the Buy Airtime Menu

Select “TOP-UP YOUR PHONE” for Self Recharge or “TOP-UP OTHER PHONES” for Third Party Recharge and complete the fields by selecting the desired airtime amount and network.

Insert Card Details, i.e. Card number, Expiry Date, CVV, PIN, Safetoken/OTP, or Verve eCash PIN if you are using eCash

How to Transfer money to someone without his/her Account Number using Quickteller

Assume you really need to transfer funds to someone and you do not have their account details, just their phone number and cannot reach the person to confirm their bank account details, With Quickteller, you can simply send the funds by providing the beneficiary’s mobile phone number!

How to that

It is a simple 2-step process that starts and ends on Quickteller.

Step 1 – the Transfer to Phone leg

Log on to Quickteller.com

Click on the Send and Receive Money tile

Click on Transfer to Phone

Enter the Beneficiary Phone Number

Enter the Beneficiary Email

Enter the Amount

Enter a 4-digit Transfer Code of your choice

You will be charged a convenience fee of N200*

Click “Continue” and complete payment

You will receive an SMS notification of your successful transfer.

The beneficiary will receive an SMS notifying him of the transfer with a Transfer Reference number. Also, kindly provide the beneficiary with the 4-digit transfer code as used during the transfer.

Step 2 – The Receive Money into Account leg

Upon receiving the SMS, the beneficiary does the following:

Visit Quickteller.com

Click on the Send and Receive Money tile

Click on the Receive Money tile

Under “How do you want to receive money?” select “Into an Account”

Enter your bank account details

Enter the Amount sent

Enter the Transfer Reference as sent in the SMS

Enter the 4-digit Transfer Code as sent by the sender

Confirm details

Click on “Continue”

Quickteller Agent

Quickteller agent is a person who manages Paypoint for Quickteller and has access to an array of exciting commissions and incentives as you offer financial services like Bill Payment, Funds Transfer, Cash Deposits, Cash Withdrawals, Insurance and Airtime Recharge to customers.

Quickteller Paypoint is the trade name for Interswitch financial inclusion services [IFIS] Agent locations. It’s a one-stop shop where all the products/services provided by IFIS Ltd can be accessed and purchased.

The following services are available at any Quickteller Paypoint:

Airtime recharge (all networks)

Bills payment/settlement (electricity bill, water bill, Waste bill, DStv, GOtv, Startimes, actv, Local and State government levies/taxes, estate permits, etc.)

Funds transfer (sending money to, and receiving money from, any person nationwide)

Account opening with any bank

Payments – for insurance premiums, airline tickets, embassies, etc.

Deposit of funds (cash-in) into own or a third party account

Withdrawal of funds (cash-out) from own account

Who Can Become Quickteller Paypoint Agent?

Classic category: Individuals and unregistered businesses (mass/umbrella agents).

Standard category: MSMEs, mom-and-pop shops, salons, supermarkets, chemist shops, grocery stores, etc.

Prestige category: Bigger businesses like petrol stations, pharmacy chains, Quick Service Restaurants (eateries) etc.


Benefits of Being a Quickteller Paypoint Agent

Additional income/commission from IFIS services:- agents earn an attractive commission for all QuickTeller services which is an additional income line to the agent’s business.

The guaranteed volume of transactions due to the rich bouquet of products and services.

Increased sales due to increased footfalls

Good brand association:– Interswitch brand and growing IFIS network

Guaranteed training and dedicated field support

Comprehensive branding and marketing support

Social relevance to the community –Financial Inclusion services

Quickteller Paypoint Registration Requirements

Must be able to read and write

Must have a functional android enabled a mobile phone

Must have an existing physical shop/business outlet

A completed Agent application form/agreement and account package

A copy of ID or equivalent (Driver’s license, Voter’s card, National ID card, Int’l passport)

A Passport-sized photograph

Proof of Address (Utility bills e.g. PHCN, LAWMA, DStv, GOtv, StarTimes, etc.)

Financial/Bank account detail or statements

Items 1-8 above are required to be a Classic or Standard IFIS Agent. However, business registration documents are required to be a Prestige IFIS Agent.

A minimum start-up capital requirement of N10,000 (This amount is not a fee but your trading capital which will be credited to your mobile money wallet immediately you are setup)

After Having All This Requirement Start Agent Registration/Setup Process Which Is:

Agent completes and submits IFIS Agent Registration Form/Agreement.

The agent makes provision for the minimum Agent Start-up Capital (N10,000). – Agent funds IFIS operational bank account with the Agent’s minimum start-up capital by either cash deposit or funds transfer for onward credit to Agent’s IFIS account.

The location and human resource for the agent service are inspected and certified by an IFIS Business support partner (BSP).

The IFIS agent account is activated and the agent receives login details and a credit alert to the tune of the Agent’s deposited start-up capital.

Agent undergoes IFIS Agent Banking training and receives the following setup kits :

IFIS Certificate of Completion

IFIS ID for identification

Transaction Log Book/Register

An Agent code

Branding materials

Tariff Sheet

Agent commences full operations.

How To Get Quickteller Paypoint Registration Form

To get the Quickteller Paypoint registration form and bank account details which you can use to pay the Quickteller registration fee into, go to https://www.interswitchgroup.com and contact IFIS via the contact details on the site.

You can also fill the online form at https://www.interswitchgroup.com/ng/financial-inclusions/become-an-agent—form

To request for a loan via the website

    • Click Here
    • Enter requested loan amount, account number to receive the loan as well as bank name
    • Proceed to select the preferred loan provider and accept the loan offer.
  • To request for a loan using Short Code
    • Dial *322*6#
    • Select ‘Get a Loan’
    • Follow prompt to get your loan disbursed
  • How do I request for a loan extension? (Kwikcash Only)
    • To request a loan extension, simply dial *561# from your registered number
    • Select ‘loans’
    • Select ‘extend Loan’


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