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GTbank Cardless Withdrawal: How To Get Cash From ATM With FingerPrint Or Without ATM Card


GTBank Cardless Withdrawal is the m-banking solution adopted by GTBank to enable their customers to have a cost-effective, faster customer service aid, more user-friendly, handset agnostic and carry out cash withdrawal with no ATM card at hand.

With just a dial of code, you will be able to withdraw money from your account so far you are with your registered phone number.

Start using GTBank FingerPrint Withdrawal today and you can never be stranded or cash strapped whenever you are without your debit/credit cards.

Wondering how you can do that? First, you need to make sure you are with your mobile phone.

To use GTBank USSD Code

Just dial *737#

Click the option that states cardless withdrawal

Enter the amount you want to withdraw, and click the OK button.

Enter the last 4 digits of your GTBank ATM Card

After this, you will be debited the amount that you requested. You will also receive a reference number via SMS. Next thing is to visit any GTBank ATM close to you.

After you have completed the first step:

  • Locate any GTBank ATM nearest to you with ThumbPrint attached Hardware, As seen in the image below
  • Press the “Enter” button on the ATM
  • Select the “FingerPrint Withdrawal” option
  • Enter the “Phone Number” of your account and click on “Proceed”.
  • Place your right thumb on the hardware thumbprint for 5 to 10       seconds.
  • Remove your hand and click on “Proceed”.
  • Enter “ Amount”, then press “Enter“ button to proceed
  • Cash is dispensed and the transaction is completed.

For Other Bank’s ATM

 Locate any Other Banks ATM

 Press the “Enter” button on the ATM

 Select the “PayCode” option

 Enter “PayCode number” received on your mobile phone

 Enter pre-selected “Cash-Out PIN Number” selected on Internet Banking when initiating a request

 Enter “Amount” (This should be same selected when initiating a request on Internet Banking, USSD, Mobile Banking)

 Press the “Enter “ button to proceed

 Collect your Cash


GTBank Cardless Withdrawal on Mobile Money App

For you to use this type, you have to download GTbank Mobile Money App.

To Download GTBank Mobile App from Google Play on Android devices click HERE and from App Store on iOS devices click HERE.

After that:

Log onto your account on the Mobile Money app. Or Select “My Account” on the SIM menu

Initiate cash out request from your phone

Select Cash Out

Then Select “From ATM”

Type the amount you wish to withdraw and Enter your Account PIN

You would get a message with a Fund Access Code (FAC) that would enable you to cash out from an ATM.

Visit any GTBank ATM

Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’

Enter the amount, your Phone Number, the fund access Code (FAC) and your account PIN

After that, Your cash is dispensed


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