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Firstbank Transfer Code [How To Use It]


First bank transfer codes also known as FirstBank Short Code is used to perform quick functions like bills payment, changing PINs, transferring money, checking account balance and others.

With the first bank transfer code, Users who don’t use a smartphone, can transfer money and do all these quick functions mention above.

This is actually the easiest way to perform bank transactions.

For you to use this code, you have to register. Wondering how you can register?

 Simply do the following on the phone number you registered with your Firstbank account number:

Simply dial *894*0#

A list of masked debit card numbers linked to your account is displayed Select your preferred debit card

Enter the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the selected debit card Create a new 5-digit PIN

NOTE: If you have trouble using the FirstBank USSD code, email firstcontact@firstbanknigeria.com. You may also visit the nearest FirstBank branch.

 After registering:

Ensure you have enough Balance in your account to make the transfer and that the number you used when registering at First Bank is what you are using for the transaction

How to transfer money from Firstbank to other banks

*. Dial *894*Amount*Account Number#

*. Select beneficiary bank

*. Confirm amount

*. Enter Beneficiary name and

*. Enter five-digit PIN

*. Then select account to debit and you are done.

How to recharge with Firstbank transfer code

To buy airtime for yourself, Simply dial *894*Amount# and enter your PIN. This will automatically purchase airtime for your registered SIM card

To purchase airtime for other SIM card, friends, family or relative SIM card, you can easily dial *894*Amount*Phone number# and enter your PIN.


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