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How To Block Or Stop A Number From Calling Your Phone On MTN, GLO, 9mobile, Airtel And Any Other Networks In The World.

Are there some numbers you don’t want them to call your number again? This is for you. Today’s article will also be useful for girls/guys that don’t want disturbance from some of their opposite sex.

To block a number from calling your number on MTN Airtel Glo 9mobile and any other networks is very EASY.

Simply Dial *35*0000*THE PERSON’S NUMBER#SEND. From then on the person will not be able to call you again with that number.

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If you want to bar or block the entire number on your contact list from calling you, Dial*35*0000#.

To unblock the numbers, also dial *35*0000#.

NOTE: if you have barred more than one person when you dial *35*0000# to unblock a number, it will unblock every other number you blocked.

Also, 0000 is the default barring code. If you’ve changed from the default code, all you have to do is replace 0000 with that code.



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