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How To Borrow Data And Airtime From GLO Network


Imagine running out of airtime or data on your GLO SIM with no cash to purchased recharge card. That will surely spoil a lot for you. For this reason, GLO has introduced Borrow Me Data Service and Borrow Me Credit Service.

With those two services, you are allowed to request data and airtime when you have run out of airtime. However, you are expected to pay back on your next recharge within a specified period.

To be eligible for these services, you need to have been a loyal and consistent subscriber on GLO for at least 4 months and have a good usage history.

How to Borrow data on GLO

To borrow data on your phone, dial *321#. A prompt will be sent to you to confirm it.

To borrow data online, visit GLO website

How to Borrow Airtime on GLO

Step 1: Create a 4-digit PIN. Dial *321# to create a 4-digit PIN of your choice For example 4321

Step 2: To borrow airtime from Glo; Dial *321*pin*amount #. E.g *321*4321*200#.

NOTE: GLO deducts the amount you are owing from your main, not from your bonus account.

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