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How to Share 9mobile Data with Family & Friends


Just like other telecom services, one can share data with love ones (Friends or family members) on 9mobile Nigeria Network.

9Mobile Data Share allows subscribers to transfer their data in megabytes quickly using a simple USSD code.

To share data, Change the Pin to a new one by dialling *247*old pin * New Pin# (For example *247*0000*1234#). The default PIN is 0000.

After changing the pin, you can now transfer 9mobile data to recipient’s number[ must be 9mobile line] by Dialling *229*Pin*Volume of Data in MB*Phone Number#. For example *229*1234*50*08090000000# to send 50 MB to 08090000000

Note: You cannot share data that was transferred to you. Minimum transfer is 10MB while the maximum transfer is 250MB


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