Home News Minimum Wage: Maduekwe Hails Buhari For Signing N30,000 Bill

Minimum Wage: Maduekwe Hails Buhari For Signing N30,000 Bill

Minimum Wage: Maduekwe Hails Buhari For Signing N30,000 Bill

The Managing Director of Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC), Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the N30,000 minimum wage demanded by Nigerian workers into law.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday signed the national minimum wage bill into law.

The Senate had on March 19 passed the bill, approving N30,000 as the new national minimum wage after the house of representatives earlier passed the bill.

Reacting, Maduekwe, in a telephone interview with DAILY POST on Friday morning, said, this was one of the many actions of the president that is “geared towards favouring the generality of masses in Nigeria.”

He said: “I wish to commend the action of Mr President, because, it is very much in line with all other actions he had taken from 2015 when he became the President of this great country(Nigeria). He has always shown tendency to come up with actions that are geared towards favouring the generality of masses in Nigeria.

“President Buhari had always come up with policies and actions that are designed to uplift humanity. So, we commend his efforts, because, there could have been many reasons for him to do otherwise. But, we realized that the federal government remained at the edge of encouraging others, particularly the state governors, to key into this minimum wage agenda.

Now, in order to avoid the mistakes of the past, Mr. President have also gone ahead to set up technical committee saddled with the responsibility to review from time to time, the minimum wage adjustment policy of federal government, so that there will be no more rancour in the future, whereby labour unions will come together and say that the time for review has passed and no action has been taken.

“Being proactive person in his government, he has set up this committee that would now be adjusting this thing frequently without any rancour. But above all, you should understand that the President is committed to enhancing what has lacked in Nigeria.”


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