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“The Best Talents In Nigerian Football Are In The North – Yinka Salihu


Former Nigerian International, Coach Usman Yinka Salihu, has revealed that the most talented footballers in Nigeria can be found in the north.

Replying to a question on why players of northern extraction hardly feature conspicuously in the Super Eagles, he said;

“In my opinion the main problem with northern players is their attitude. It is a fact that no matter the ability you have, without the right attitude that ability will amount to nothing.

“They like to play without restrictions. Once you try to impose discipline on them, they tend not to perform well. Most are of them are more comfortable playing in the north where they can come to training anytime they want and when it is convenient for them.

“However, there is no doubting the fact that the best talents in Nigerian football are in the north. Sometimes they are discovered and taken out but because their orientation is the same, they hardly flourish,” .



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