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Oyibo Lady Gives Nigerian Man Benz And An Apple Laptop For Cleaning Her Up After Having Sex With Her


Relationship expert and Love doctor, Joro Olumofin took to social media to share an email he received from a man who thanked him for his advise.

Read below;

“Hello bro Joro. Big ups, sense will not kill you aswear and may money enter your account this year. Am based here in Chicago. So this oyino girl am feeling her and all. She finally agree to come to my place last week. We lash now. After the first lashing. I went on my knee took wipe and cleaned her.

Joro this girl start to dey cry o. She say Jude no one has ever done a thing like this. You respect me so much. She dey cry non stop. Bro she order Uer leave her car for me to drive. She buy me laptop. We don lash 4 times and I clean her all 4 times. She go just dey cry dey kiss my head dey rub my stomach. Omo bro thank you for your sense and wisdom. She give me her car to drive, buy me laptop, we dey plan go Vegas for summer na she go pay.

I no be regular Dear Joro with mental issue. Me I just want say thanks bro. God Bless. Sense and money follow you. Amen. The car na benze jeep o. Nothing do me. Nothing do us all. God dey 1 love Joro.


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