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Man Reacts After His Wife Accused Him Of Dumping Her For His Side-Chick


Sapphire Queenj, a heartbroken woman took to Facebook to narrate how her husband’s side-chick forcefully took him away from her.

Sharing a photo of the side-chick, she wrote;

This young lady Blessing Nma Amah or whatever else she calls herself is studying medicine in St.Vincent and the Grenadines and has been sleeping with my husband since July 2018. My husband Exron Leon DaSilva is a nurse’s aide while I am a registered nurse, who only didn’t become a Dr because of financial constraints at the time so i did the next best thing. They met through work she is from Aba Abia, Nigeria. She has been to our home on several occasions and is controlling my car (number 6) that i have worked hard away to purchase.

My husband is a very disrespectful man he has slept with several women in our house over the past 13 years that we’ve been together forcing me to sell it last year. He has squandered all of my money on other women leaving my bank account empty. She went to our apartment and in the presence of our kids have removed my photos and those of my husband and I replacing them with photos of them both. Even those in his phone. He is doing all kind of things for and with her even going to church that he has refused to do with his family. She has him under a spell. He does not support our kids, our son is 7, our daughter is 12 years old. He has forsaken his relatives because they are upset with what they are doing.

I messaged her sister Chimgozirim Uloma and informed her of the situation. Neither her or their parents have corrected this girl who claims to be a Christian. The bible clearly states who God joins together let no man put assunder…. Jesus Christ admonishes a husband to love his wife as he (Christ) loves the church. One moment my husband is asking for me to come home to him and the other he’s asking for a divorce to be with her.

This is the trend with these Nigerian young ladies who go to study in the Caribbean. Anything that was not ordained by God will not last. They may be laughing now but i will get the last and best laugh. God doesn’t sleep, her womb will never be fertile and the residency she is looking for in my country will never be hers. My tears will fall upon her. Home wrecker, marriage breaker…..

However, the man has taken to Facebook to tell his own side of the story…

Below is what he wrote;

ok so am her soon to be ex husband. sapphire queenj please stop dragging an innocent young lady into our family drama. for those who are giving her all sorts of advise do you even know if her story is true? ist of all that lady never approached me i approached her and asked her to be in a relationship with me. she agreed then after much persuasion, my soon to be ex wife found out about the relationship and since then has been calling her all sorts of names. she didnt break our home because there was never even one in the first place. what kind of mother leaves her children to go and work in another land and hasnt come back to take them with her since then? she didnt remove your picture, i removed it and replaced it with one of both of us because am happy with her. you said you spoke to the young lady severally, that not true you bombarded her inbox and that of her sister with insults including words like b** and co. you keep acting like a child, look at you airing all our family drama for the world to see. i never cheated on you but you cheated on me. you left the marriage and asked for a divorce and now you say am asking for one. of course i am now agreeing to get a divorce as you always wanted.

I am sick and tired of your childish behaviour, you have chosen to disrespect me on every level. the house was sold because you left me to pay the mortgage alone, as for the car our both monies bought that car. Am doing things with her including going to church because i love her and she respects me, NO ONE PUT A SPELL ON ME. I MET A BLESSING AND I DECIDED TO BE BLESSED SINCE I WASNT GETTING ANY SAPPHIRE. why should your husband ask you to come home? are you not supposed to be home if your indeed a wife? Theres no trend going on my dear and yes God doesnt sleep thats why he has given me the option to be free from you forever. TO ALL THOSE WHO WILL REPLY THIS COMMENT I WILL ADVISE YOU TO PLEASE ASK MY IMMATURE CHILDISH WIFE TO GROW UP AND SORT HER MARITAL ISSUES LIKE AN ADULT BECAUSE THATS WHAT OTHER ADULTS DO. You blocked me on all social media and other media and your here pretending to be crying for your lost husband. stewps. let the lady have peace face your man but problem is he no longer wants you



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