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Opinion: President Buhari And Zainab Ahmed: Who Is Subsidising Who? – Ademola Adeoye

Opinion: President Buhari And Zainab Ahmed: Who Is Subsidising Who? - Ademola Adeoye

I never knew that it is possible and feasible to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) without being licensed to practice in Nigeria. I will not be able to camp around this issue for so long a time because you know I am not schooled in both the spirit and letter of the law, but I appeal to every legal luminary in Nigeria to please enlighten us on how possible it is for one to become a SAN without being licensed to practice in Nigeria in the first place. This is an interesting time in Nigeria.

While it is being generally and commonly believed (especially amongst those who are partisans) that everything lawless goes in the realm of politics, but we must never forget that we do have a nation to build, because of our children. We cannot be openly ridiculing a nation we claim to love and at the same time be saying that we are building her. Do not forget that long after Atiku and Buhari are dead and gone, Nigeria will still be here.

As if the mentioned shame (on us all as a people) is not enough, some hours ago, it did hit social media that His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is a Cameroonian, by birth and because of that, he is not Nigerian enough to become the president of Nigeria! Please, do not misconstrue me. I am not speaking for Turaki Adamawa. I do not know him from Adam. And it is on record that I am against the emergence of either Buhari or Atiku. I cannot be speaking for a new Nigeria and still be championing what will further dip us into the quagmire of old. Both Atiku and Buhari are not relevant to where we are as a nation let alone where we are going as a people.

When those who do not believe a hoot in the rule of law begin to quote same law, just know that they just being mischievous. If those in the corridors of power are truly leading as mandated by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, our beloved country would have become a heaven on earth. It is a shame when we say that a former vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not Nigerian enough to become our president, it shows the kind of a hypocritical country we are trying to build.

Also, it is a huge shame on all of us when we say that a GCON is not Nigerian enough to lead us as a people. When he submitted the PDP presidential nomination form to the INEC, no one did quote any law that he is not a total Nigerian. When he won the PDP presidential primaries, no one came out to say that he is a half-Nigerian, but all of a sudden, some people just woke up, out of a very deep sleep, saying that he is not a total Nigerian like them.

Those who are ahead of my own generation aren’t showing us a good example. They are showing us that anyone can become anything in Nigeria—provided that a faceless-class of people wants to use him or her in power to perpetuate their unclean and selfish hold on Nigeria. No wonder we are not being taken very seriously in the comity of nations. And the way Nigeria is being daily handled makes our people lose faith in our beloved country.

As if the shame of Atiku Abubakar being a Cameroonian is not enough, on Friday, Zainab Ahmed somersaulted politically; saying that the administration of Buhari would gradually remove what is not existing. I make bold to say that only Mrs. Zainab has the power to gradually remove what is not inexistence. As far as Buhari is concerned, there is not fuel subsidy. Infact, on the issue of fuel subsidy, Nigerians were turned against GEJ through the tool of Prof. Tam David West and others. They granted a lot of interviews, saying that GEJ was lying on Fuel Subsidy and most Nigerians believed them, but in about four (4) years, they have become imperceptible like air.

Today, what was wrong under GEJ has become right under PMB. And what was not in existence on the watch of GEJ is now in existence on the watch of PMB. Before PMB got to power, he said and I quote verbatim: “We could tell how much Nigerian crude cost, the cost of transportation from there to the refinery, the cost of refining, the cost of transportation to the pump stations and maybe 5% go for overhead. I can understand if Nigerians pay for those costs. But somebody is saying he is subsidizing Nigerians. Who is subsidizing who?” Infact, he promised to look at the economics of fuel pricing when he gets into government, but till this moment, he is yet to look at the economics of fuel pricing! And he’s been in power for almost four (4) years.

I want to ask Zainab Ahmed the same question GMB asked before he became PMB: Who is subsidizing who? Zainab and PMB are clearly not on the same page and they are confusing some of us. For the first time, I stand with President Buhari that there is no fuel subsidy. Can someone please speedily bring Zainab up to date?

Lastly, those who are behind the ongoing fuel-scarcity deserve to be incarcerated. I left my house in the wee hours of the 13th of April, 2019 and got to one of the NNPC stations around my house, but to my incredulity, they were not selling fuel, not that they did not have, Ibe Kachikwu said the NNPC is having about 10billion liters of PMS though. I got to about five other fuel stations; they too did have but were not selling. After wasting a few hours, I was able to get a few liters of PMS. Please, let the ongoing imprudence, idiocy and gullibility stop within the shortest possible time, so that our precious people can have fuel to buy, so they can be able to go do what they want to go do.



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