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“I Don’t Intend To Stop Giving” – Small Doctor Says After He Was Almost Lynched


Nigeria singer, Adekunle Temitope, aka Small Doctor has stated that he will not forget the day he was almost lynched in a hurry.

Narrating about the incident, Small Doctoe stated that the drama started when a man claimed that his manhood disappeared after collecting money from the singer.

Before he could say a word, he was surrounded by people who were ready to lynch him.

But for some soldiers who came around in the nick of time, it could have been a different story for the Penalty singer.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, Small Doctor said the event would not stop him from extending helping hands to people on the street.

He said;

“Givers, they say, never lack. Giving to people comes from my heart; so, I don’t intend to stop giving. But I have learnt a lesson from this experience and I will now be more careful. There is nothing that can stop me from helping people around me.”

Small Doctor stated that throughout the ordeal, he never feared for his life. He said;

“I was just amazed and saddened by how devilish some people can get, but I knew I would not be harmed for doing good.”

Also, the singer revealed that the people involved were at the Abattoir Police Station in Agege, Lagos. He said,

“All the culprits are in police custody and the law will take its course. This could have been anybody.”

Meanwhile, a member of Adekunle’s management team, Dele Abijo, said it was not the first time the singer would be reaching out to people on the street;

“On that night, he decided to do the same thing, but unlike in the past, he didn’t go with any security operatives. He felt people would be freer with him without bodyguards around,” Abijo recalled.

When the soldiers questioned the man, he said his manhood only became small, not missing. Later again, he said his manhood had been restored. It was at night; so, it was hard for people to recognize Small Doctor’s face.”

Abijo stated that there was no way the singer would use something that serious and painful as a publicity stunt. He said;

“Small Doctor is fine now. You don’t use something like that as a publicity stunt. He was almost lynched! He is not an artiste who enjoys publicity stunts.

He also pulled down the post on his social media page almost immediately because he was not happy with the attention it was generating.”


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