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Tattoo And Dreadlocks Are Strange To Our Culture – Police Command Spokesperson… Daddy Freeze, Laura Ikeji Reacts


During a recent interview with BBC pidgin,  Lagos state police command spokesperson, Bala Elkana, stated that tattoos and dreadlocks are strange to our culture in Nigeria and are part of the reason why most people who rock them are being harassed by law enforcement agents.

According to Bala who condemned the recent killing of a football fan, Kolade Johnson, police officers usually harasses any youth wearing dreadlocks or having a tattoo on them because most of the cultists that have been arrested wear dreadlocks or have tattoos on them.

He said;

“Tattoo and dreadlock are strange to our culture especially for Nigeria. Most times when you arrest cultists, many of them have signs on them”

Reacting to the statement, Laura Ikeji Kanu shared:

Reform the police, reform SARS. I’ve got tattoos too, does that make me a target? Common guys, protect us not kill us.”

Also, Daddy Freeze in his reaction said his grandmother had tattoos and that there are kids born with natural dread called Dada.

He wrote;

In my humble opinion, this statement reeks prejudice and stereotyping.

By the way, my Yoruba grand mother had tattoos, there were local tattoos that women wore back then, my grandma had them. Kids born with dread are called ‘dada’ so I’m not getting this. ~FRZ


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