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It Is My Body, I Can Do Whatever I Want – Popular Actress, Etinosa Says As She Goes Completely N a k e d On Mc Galaxy’s Instagram Live (Watch +I8 Video)


Nollywood actress and Instagram comedian, Etinosa have shocked many people after she stripped completely naked in Singer MC Galaxy’s controversial Instagram Live sessions.

In the 12-minute long video,  Etinosa can be seen clearly drunk complaining about her boyfriend and then going on to call Tiannah Empire’s Toyin Lawani an inspiration for never being afraid to show off her n*dity.

The actress went on to warn MC Galaxy and promised to cut him in real life if he dared to end the live session. Etinosa said.

“if dem born you well cut me off, dem no born you well. If you cut it, I will cut you in life. Is it your body? fuck you”,

Watch the video here:

See reactions below;

@_OneNigeria – People will still come here to hate on McGalaxy, meanwhile Etinosa was the one who asked people out of her room so she could lock the door and show her n*kedness to thousands! Drunk or not, she made her choice!

@Indiangal9 – Mc galaxy needs to be arrested ASAP. He is a disgrace to humanity🤮🤮. Etinosa was drunk and yes, partly to be blamed but this foolish man should have ended the call even with all the begging from people to end it, he didn’t. God, what is this world turning into. I’m so sad😭😭😭

@MsFisayo – Its annoying cos he saw she was high. He kept saying etinosa you’re high and didn’t end the live.
Wth, I don’t even know if she was really high or seeking attention cos sometimes she says and does a lot of shiit for attention

@CuteNaija – I don’t like to judge people, but if it’s really true that Etinosa comedian babe showed her nude body on Mc Galaxy’s LIVE IG then I can now fully understand why her husband maltreated and left her!

@bamdayo – It is official.
McGalaxy is a sociopath
He should have ended that call
Etinosa, don’t know what is going on with you but I pray you overcome it.

@DaniellaUkeri – I love Etinosa 😭😭😫😫
Someone needs to report Mc Galaxy’s Instagram account

@Kecyy – I just saw the Etinosa video and I am really disappointed.

The real danger is not Mc Galaxy. If your boyfriend/Girlfriend/Relation made it to that live call and pushed that girl to show that act of shame by spurring her on.Then we have animals in human skin among us.


  1. We me I don’t have time for both of them.
    But all I known is that it will affect etinosa the most maybe when she owns her own child.
    And the child grows up to see the same she brought upon her family
    Dear watch your name in what ever you do.
    If you read my comment and you did follow me on IG.
    1. you will never experience sorrow.
    2.never be disgraced like etinosa.
    3.blow than your expectations.
    And please d.m me if you have done that.
    I will reply.
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    Thank you🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎏🎊🎃🎏


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