Home News Former Governor, Joshua Dariye Allegedly Down With “Kidney Failure”

Former Governor, Joshua Dariye Allegedly Down With “Kidney Failure”

Former Governor, Joshua Dariye Allegedly Down With "Kidney Failure"

Former Governor of Plateau State, Joshua Dariye is reportedly down with kidney failure.

According to The Nation, Dariye is currently hospitalised at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada.

The paper quoted a government source, who asked not to be named as saying: “I have gone to see him. He is having serious health challenges. From my finding and from the doctor, his ailment is kidney failure and it is critical.”

The Nigeria Prisons Service (NPS), FCT Command Public Relations Officer (PRO), Chukwuedo Humphrey, also confirmed that Dariye is hospitalized.

Humphrey said: “I will not mention the name of the illness to you and the hospital where he is. Normally people whose health we can’t manage we refer outside for proper medical attention. We have been managing his illness since October/November.”

Speaking on whether the former governor will be discharged soon, Humphrey said: “It is the doctor who knows when he can be discharged. We have now limited the number of people visiting him at the hospital. We are just allowing his wife, close family and friends, and law enforcement personnel. Tight security is around him just as if he is in the prison cell.

“His wife is always allowed around him. And she is always full of praises to the NPS for the proper medical attention. And his court hearings are ongoing, he does not need to appear in court. His lawyers are there to defend him.

“Because of his health challenge, he opted for self-feeding. Because we cannot be cooking any special food for him. His family brings food for him.”

Senator Dariye was in June sentenced to 14 years imprisonment by an FCT High Court over the misappropriation of N2 billion state funds as governor.


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