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Actress, Anita Joseph Slams Lady Who Called Her A Scam


Recently, a Facebook user took to the social media platform to accuse Actress Anita Joseph of scam.

According to the lady identified as Doris Akudo, the actress is running a Ponzi scheme that triples people’s money.

In response, Anita slammed the lady as she denied the allegation and also revealed that she has warned members of the public to be wary of the activities of fraudsters using her photos to commit crime.

Sharing screenshot from the woman’s Facebook page, Joseph wrote;

“Am so angry right now like seriously
Some people are still dis naive and stupid?
You want quick money so this idiots on Facebook using my name scams you and you blame me? Mba nu

This idiotic vagabon that is called Doris Akudo that just wanna get famous with my name opens her gutter mouth to say it’s me
aramashiogiri ajimmiri Nkwerre gba gi
May thunder blast your mouth and scatter it give it to you to chew,this Stephanie diamonds uses my f*cking pictures and name in her transactions,and you fall for it after all my fucking warnings? Why didn’t you do video call?
Disregard anything coming from facebook plzzz

I v made a name and a mark in entertainment industry so you wanna destroy it?
My God Destroys you
pls swipe
Nnanna Okoro my God will bless you,and to dose who defended me and sent me this post am grateful 


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