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Legendary Singer, 2face Complains About Bad Songs Flooding The Airwaves


During a chat with E-Daily, Legendary singer, 2face highlighted some of the challenges facing the Nigerian music industry.

The singer complained about ‘bad songs’ flooding the Nigerian airwaves, saying the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is doing little to help the music industry.

According to him;

“The crap music all over the place now is because the gate keepers play good songs when people are asleep at night; when there is no one to listen to the music. So if you do that kind of music and you take it to the radio and they refuse to play it, what do you do? And most of the financial back up artistes get is from people who want to make their money back immediately’.

‘people are afraid of investing their money on artistes who sing good music..Though the music will still be entertaining but the ear of the people has changed. You and I know that on a normal day it is good music we listen to, except when we go to parties. The youths have their mind tuned to the kind of music being made now; it’s difficult to remove it. It has to be a deliberate action to do so’

Speaking further, he lamented about how the NBC’s value systems have changed drastically. 2Baba said;

“Before NBC is able to ban any music, it has gone popular already. That means they didn’t even hear it on time in the first place. It’s after the song has gone viral that they will want to ban it. No one is doing any work.

It is very important that we have a responsible government and to have that we must have responsible people because if we don’t have responsible people, this is the kind of government we will keep having”


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