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South African Neighborhoods Are Being Destroyed By Nigerian Mafia – Hlomla Dandala Claims


In new tweets, South African actor, television presenter and director, Hlomla Dandala claimed that South African neighborhoods are being destroyed by Nigerian mafia.

He wrote on Twitter;

Driving through Yeoville and Hillbrow reminds one of how much we’ve lost to foreign African nationals. Call it xenophobia all you like but truth is truth.

In fact the idea of African foreign nationals didn’t start with the influx of the illegal exodus. Growing up we always had friends from Ghana, Uganda etc. They were always welcomed. It’s the exodus of illegals that changed the tone.

Actually, evidence suggests the contrary. There are legally documented foreign nationals who are beneficial to the economy. The bulk of foreign nationals unfortunately are not documented and so are burden to the fiscus thru crime, illegal employ or just burdening infrastructure

Ah I’m familiar with this popular woke ppl device. Make touchy feels statements to avoid stone cold hard facts. Again, pls see study done in 2017 re migration of Nigerian mafia in South Africa.

No one objects to immigrant and foreign nationals building their own communities. I object to the invasion of entire CBDs. Entire neighbourhoods. Especially when those are then destroyed.


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