Home News One Of The Most Wanted Boko Haram Commanders “Nabbed In Lagos”

One Of The Most Wanted Boko Haram Commanders “Nabbed In Lagos”

One Of The Most Wanted Boko Haram Commanders "Nabbed In Lagos"

The intelligence response team (IRT) of the inspector-general of police has reportedly nabbed 39-year-old Umar Abdulmalik, who is alleged to be one of the most wanted Boko Haram leaders.

According to The Nation, Umar is said to be responsible for the deaths of more than 200 people, was arrested in his hideout in Lagos and also played roles in explosions that rocked Nyanya and Kuje in Abuja, in 2015.

The Nation quoted a police source as saying that Abba Kyari, a deputy commissioner of police (DCP), and his men had been on the suspect’s trail since he got to Lagos about three weeks ago.

The source said, “He was also the one who brought all the bombs they used during the Nyanya and Kuje attacks in 2015. We have arrrsted some of his members who are in court now.

“They were the ones who gave us his details and since then we have been looking for him. He has one eye and is responsible for over 200 killings.

“We arrested four of his gang members three weeks ago in Abuja and recovered four AK47 rifles which they took from the policemen they killed at Gwagwalada.

“He escaped at that operation with gun wounds and fled to Lagos. We have been on his trail since then. He went to his sister’s house in Mowe to hide. His sister was treating him of the bullet wounds.

“We have arrested her and her husband too because they are accomplices. He was the Grand Commander of the attack and rescue operations of the Prison in Niger State early this year where he lost one of his eyes during the operation while over 100 prisoners escaped.”

However, spokesman of the police, Jimoh Moshood, is yet to confirm the development.


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