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Actress Toyin Abraham Tells Her Grass To Grace Story In New Interview


In a chat with Abiola Alaba Peters, Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, shared how she overcame her dark moments to become a blockbuster movie producer.

Read the interview below;

2018 is almost wrapping up, what have you been up to, and how is your movie ‘Seven and Half Date’ doing?

‘Seven and Half Date’ wasn’t my production. I was only asked to participate and it is doing very fine. For me, I just finished auditioning for another movie. After that, I will travel to Benin Republic to appear in another movie produced by a friend. I am presently making plans to commence my soap opera. As for movies, I really want to slow down a little bit. I want to build my home to an accepted level and also concentrate on my Soaps. I’m planning to raise lots of up-and-coming actors and actresses.

How is Toyin giving back to the society?

I have several empowerment initiatives, especially in vocational skills. I still have a lot of plans for my fans waiting in the pipeline.

What has really helped you in achieving some of your set goals, especially in your blooming career?

Initially I was doing my thing the usual way; I didn’t have a management team or any team for that matter. You know, sometimes you make mistakes, especially when you feel you are on top of your game. Being popular doesn’t mean you are successful. I made my mistakes, especially the mistake of believing that I could do all things by myself because I was popular. It doesn’t work like that. We need to delegate power and form strategic alliances with some experts. I can confidently tell you that it has been a different ball game since I had a team. Their experiences have been awesome.

How did you get into the movie industry?

My late brother’s friend had an uncle who is a marketer; High Waves. They said Bukky Wright was coming to town to shoot ‘Dugbedugbe Nbo’ and that she needed someone. I was called; so I went to meet her. When I got there, it happened that they needed help for a particular role. The person listed to play the role was not available. I was asked to take over the role and I just did my thing. At the end, everybody started clapping.

Were you paid for the role?

Yes. It wasn’t as if I was trained to be an actress from the onset, but immediately after that experience, I saw it as an opportunity to explore acting. So, I went for further training under Aunty Bukky.

At what point did you relocate to Lagos in the pursuit of your career?

At some point, I felt it would be ideal for me to relocate to Lagos because that was the only option. Lagos is where the money is, especially with the fact that I was coming from a poor background; I realised that I had to leave for Lagos. That was, and still is, the mainstream of acting. Being an upcoming act, you won’t have the opportunity to partake in movies if you are not available. Most of the time, the invitation is impromptu. If you are not available when called, another would take that chance. Sometimes you will only be called upon when a film production is going to come and pick up two or three scenes.



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